The only bullet proof tracker on the market

Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK. The Tough Tracker is the worlds toughest tracker system encased in a Kevlar shell

IP 67 rated with a long life stand-alone battery life

Tough by Name Tough by Design, Tough by Nature

Bullet proof tracking
Bullet proof tracking

Our patented, industrial strength design deters against theft. Tough Tracker is the only tracking device with a radio-comms translucent steel casing, making it extremely difficult to tamper with.

Geo Fencing Alerts
Geo Fencing Alerts

Receive SMS notification when an asset is moved or stolen. Geo-fencing can be set, allowing you to manage your assets securely.

Long lasting battery
Long lasting battery

Depending on how often you set device location alerts, Tough Tracker has a battery life of up to 10 years and does not require an external power source.

Anti-tamper System
Anti-tamper System

Impact and tamper alerts notify you in case of attempted removal. Tough Tracker can withstand multiple hits from a sledgehammer, but even if someone does attempt this, you’ll be notified.

24/7 Tracking
24/7 Tracking

Tough Tracker allows you to keep track of your assets via a simple map based interface. Multiple assets can easily be tracked and managed around the clock.

Complete Convenience
Complete Convenience

Tough Tracker is easy to install and you can manage all of your assets 24/7 on desktop, tablet or mobile via our simple cloud interface.

Just some of our customer applications for Tough Tracker

Tough Tracker was created to track assets in the harshest locations with a IP67 rated shell and a long battery life the unit reports in year after year.



Ballast Trucks, Tamping Machines,  Rail Handling Machines Sleeper Handlers, Machine Attachments, Grabs, Buckets


Fuel Bowsers, Water Pumps and Various Unpowered Plant


Drilling Rigs, Pumps, Generators


Trailer Units, Shipping Containers


Lighting Rigs, Mobile & Static Generators

Plant Hire

All of the above and more




Customers are fitting Tough Tracker to Plant,Tooling & Machinery that is used in remote locations to provide peace of mind that the "tools are on the job"

The plant /site managers run daily reports for the location of their assets so the planners know the location and availability for the next job.

During down time or over night a Geo Fence is set up around the machine and alerts managers if moved around the site.

An enterprising plant hire company uses this feature when machinery is off hired midweek IF the machine is moved outside the geo fence prior to collection they call the customer who usually agree to extend  the hire for the remainder of the days until collection. 



We have had a great deal of interest in the tracking unit from customers that have previously purchased a PressurePro unit.

Together the package gives the driver peace of mind when towing along with the knowledge that  their unit covered by a geofence when stationary.

Trailers / business in a box

Horse Box

Caravan or American Fifth Wheel Trailer 

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Tracking made simple

Once each of your valuable assets are secured with a Tough Tracker device, you can track them via your personal dashboard. Asset positions are displayed on a simple, map based interface that allows you to track and manage multiple assets at the same time.


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