JB Operations was formed to improve safety and security for our customers with our range of products.

Our directors have worked in the corporate world for many years specialising in the material, supply chain, procurement and logistics functions, having built relationships with some of the best training providers for soft & hard skills available in the UK today.

The skills gained in the high pressure arenas of Rail, Motor Vehicle and Aircraft Engine Manufacture and Maintenance within the supply chain functions of the household names in these sectors.

We have had access to the very best methodologies for business and process improvement coupled with the experience of what works for which scenario.

Through our relationships and contacts we are able to bring in the very best solution for you and your team, department or function to analyse where you are today and develop a road map for your corporate targets and continued success,

Whatever industry you’re in we’re here to help...

Continuous Improvement

JB Operations can help take you and your organisation on the lean and continues improvement journey.

We can help undertake workplace assessments by mapping out your working practices to evaluate any potential waste, assist in the establishment of 5’s processes, or study inefficient working procedures.

JB Operations has the knowledge and experience to undertake workplace assessments or train members of your team in lean principles to enable you to become self sufficient for the future.






Management and Team Training

How effective is your management team? How well do your managers mentor and lead by example? JB Operations will work with your junior and senior management teams to help establish working relationships via respect and trust.

By learning about the individuals strengths and weaknesses as managers and how your team interacts with each other, personal or team development programs will be put into place.

Team and one to one coaching is available in a package that is tailored for you and your team’s individual requirements.




Logistics and Procurement

Caveat emptor is a Latin term that means "let the buyer beware." Similar to the phrase "sold as is," this term means that the buyer assumes the risk that a product may fail to meet expectations or have defects.

 With many years in logistical management JB Operations can assist you in improving your logistical practices by evaluating your management, logistic processes, procedures and any current working practices.

 JB Operations will assist in the evaluation of your current procurement processes and supplier interfaces, we will evaluate the current market place to establish if you are receiving the best deal possible from your suppliers, and put together recommendations on how you can improve your current status and identify any safety and profitability opportunities.


Stock control and Tool Tracking

JB Operations can help to establish stock control systems and management by developing your existing processes, training team members or help to establish preventative maintenance and planned maintenance work packages for organisations working within a maintenance environment.

 Who used which tool, on each job, fitting what piece of equipment?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an electronic system that can help track tooling, equipment or material via an electronic interface.  

JB Operations can take you through this process from evaluating your personal needs to the installation and training of team members.

 This application is essential when tracking safety critical tooling and components and is rapidly expanding in all sectors of industry. We have access to the latest products and developments in the RFID sector used by train manufacturers, maintenance experts in safety critical environments and logistic market leaders. 





Consultation Consultation Service

What ever your business irrelevant of size or structure JB Operations can offer a range of services and products to help your company to achieve your targets while maintaining a continuous improvement cycle. 

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