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JB Operations have teamed with two of the best products on the market to improve the safety and security of your organisation.

We are supported by a team of consultants to offer a complete package to improve the core functions of your organisation.


Advantage PressurePro, one of the worlds biggest names in Tyre Pressure Monitoring, to bring their range of products to the UK.

The Pressure Pro Pulse system turns tyre management from reactive to proactive, ensuring safety & efficiency on every journey.

Your vehicles tyre pressures & temperatures are collected every 7 seconds, displayed to the driver and captured for analysis allowing preventative measures to carried out before a critical event takes place.

JB operations are proud to be teamed with Tough Tracker the manufacturer of the worlds toughest tracker unit and were equally impressed with the ethos of the team behind the product. They took an existing product kept what worked and re designed the rest to produce the most robust tracker on the market.

We recognised the potential in the Tough Tracker system for a plethora of applications not just as a tracker unit. We spoke with a wide range of customers from rail & logistics to plant and machinery hire. We compiled the user feedback to allow the software engineers to design the asset reporting function to increase the functionality of the tracker.


With many years in logistical management JB Operations can assist you in improving your logistic function by evaluating your management processes, procedures and any current working practices. We have a team of consultants with a range of experience working with the biggest rail and logistics organisations in the UK along with their supplier base improving their supply chains both up and down stream.

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What ever your business irrelevant of size or structure JB Operations can offer a range of services and products to help your company to achieve your targets while maintaining a continuous improvement cycle. 

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